Although I originally hail from George in the Southern Cape, I currently reside in Durbanville with my husband and two adorable Staffie dogs. If I am not working, cycling or running you will find me either enjoying coffee at a local coffee shop or drinking whiskey in the comfort of my own home.
Ever since I can remember, I have had a difficult relationship with food. As with many young girls, I became conscience about my weight as a teenager, feeling unhappy with my physical appearance. Sadly, I soon found myself counting calories, skipping meals and throwing myself into vigorous exercise to keep the pounds off. Unsurprisingly, my fixation led to a career in nutritional sciences (Don’t worry, the irony does not escape me).

Luckily, with the unwavering support from family, friends and some serious introspection, I have been able to embrace body positivity and self-acceptance. While I still watch what I eat and regularly exercise, I learnt the hard way that being healthy and happy is all that matters. Ultimately, it is not only about loving oneself, but finding peace with your body. 

So, whether you want to lose weight, improve your energy levels, boost your immune, reduce the risk of developing certain diseases or just want to life a more balanced nutritional lifestyle, please do reach out.


Inge Cronje Registered Dietician Incorporated (Registration Number: 2017/454234/21)
Private Practice Number: 0589632
HPCSA Registration Number: DT 0040568
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